Second Issue of the TCCN Newsletter Available

Dear Fellow TCCN Members,

I am very happy to introduce to you the second issue of TCCN Newsletter (previously called TCCN Communications). I would like to express my sincere thanks to TCCN Chair, Prof. Ying-Chang Liang, and other TCCN officers for their enthusiastic support for this initiative to serve the community. The issue can be downloaded here.

TCCN Newsletter is an electronic platform dedicated to excel in the following aspects:

  • Introducing forward-looking research ideas,
  • Updating members on new industry, standard, and policy initiatives,
  • Promoting top-quality publications with high potential impacts,
  • Increasing the visibility of TCCN within ComSoc and beyond.

In this issue, we introduce a new series of “virtual interviews”, with some of the influential researchers in the TCCN community. We asked each interviewee to share with TCCN members regarding his/her most significant recent work in cognitive networks, the most unique and impressive aspects of the work, the challenges and lessons encountered during the research, and the plans for the next few years.

I would like to thank Prof. Lingjie Duan from Singapore University of Technology and Design, who serves as the editor of this virtual interviews series. After sending out the interview invitations early 2016, we have received enthusiastic responses from the community. The interview results published in this issue only represent a subset of interviews that we have been working on. In the future, we will regularly publish virtual interviews with researchers of diverse research and geographical backgrounds.
As always, I would like to welcome any suggestions from TCCN members regarding how to make TCCN Newsletter more interesting and informative to the community. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any suggestions.

Thanks and best regards,

Jianwei Huang
Vice Chair, IEEE ComSoc TCCN
IEEE Fellow
IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer
Department of Information Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong,