for their outstanding contributions to theory and practice of cognitive radio technology

Call for Nominations

IEEE ComSoc Technical Committee on Cognitive Networks (TCCN) sponsors the “2017 IEEE ComSoc TCCN Publication Award”.

TCCN Publication Award Committee

Geoffrey Li (Georgia institute of Technology, USA)

Randall Berry (Northwestern University, USA)
Luiz DaSilva (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Octavia Dobre (Memorial University, Canada)
Zhu Han (University of Houston, USA)


The recognition award is given to (up to) one individual or group who are deemed to have made outstanding technical contributions to TCCN. The basis of judgment will be archival, peer­-reviewed publications in ComSoc conferences and journals over any period prior to 2017. While the award is intended to generally recognize a set of contributions to theory and practice of all aspects of TCCN that have withstood the test of time, the Awards committee may choose, at their discretion and based on nominations, to award it for a singular (Best Paper) achievement.


The serving TCCN TC Chair, Vice‐Chairs, and Secretary are not eligible for any award. A member of the award committee is not eligible for any TCCN award in the same award cycle. TC Chair, Vice‐chairs, Secretary, award committee members, as well as any sitting ComSoc officer (President and VPs) cannot nominate and/or endorse candidates for the award.

Nomination Process

For each nomination, both the nominator and the nominee must be members of IEEE ComSoc. The nominator should send the nomination to the TCCN Recognition Award Committee Chair (Prof. Geoffrey Li: in PDF format by August 30, 2017 (anywhere on earth). A nomination must include a brief CV of the nominee (no more than 5 pages), copies of supporting materials (publications in ComSoc journals and conferences) that form the basis for the nomination, and an advocacy statement by the nominator (no more than 300 words) detailing the reasons for the nomination. No late and no self-­nominations will be considered.

Award Announcement

The selected award recipient(s) will be informed via e-mail of the selection by October 15, 2017. The award ceremony will take place in IEEE GLOBECOM 2017.

Procedures & Process

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