The IEEE TCCN provides access to the most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits to its members from both industry and academia alike. Through the IEEE TCCN membership, you can stay current in the cognitive networks technology profession, keep in touch with your peers, and invest in your career advancement.

Joining TCCN

TCCN provides four platforms for all its members to disseminate and collaborate:

  1. The TCCN mailing list
    • The TCCN mailing list is reserved for the most important TC announcements
    • To subscribe to the mailing list, please visit this page
  2. ComSoC Group
    • Go to, and create your account by your email address (you can directly use your current IEEE account credentials).
    • Log in and choose “TC Cognitive Networks” as “My Groups”
    • Subscribing to receiving information updates is optional
  3. LinkedIn Group
  4. Facebook Page

Member Resources

The IEEE TCCN provides various resources to its members through member-oriented services and networks.

  1. Announcement through mailing list: As there are around 1500 subscribers to the TCCN mailing list already (as of May 2017), please only send the most important announcements related to TCCN through the mailing list. All other information should be distributed through the social network platforms.
  2. Social Media: For the three TCCN social platforms: ComSoc Group, LinkedIn Group, and Facebook Page, each member can freely post CFP for journals and conferences, share recent news and achievements related to cognitive networks, discuss emerging/hot technical topics, as well as build their social network and make and get recommendations for their career advancement.
  3. Newsletter: The TCCN Newsletter is published bi-annually, and is free for all the members available at Anyone who is interested in contributing to the TCCN Newsletter as an editor or author can contact the Newsletter Director.

Should have any questions on the member services, please feel free to contact:

Dr. ir. Vijay S. Rao (

Dr. Zhijin Qin (

Prof. Daniel Benevides da Costa (

Active Membership

Anybody can be a member of the Technical Committee on Cognitive Networks (TCCN). To become a member, it is necessary to subscribe to the TCCN mailing list.

A member becomes an Active Member if he/she has attended (physically present or by teleconference) two or more of the prior five regularly scheduled TCCN meetings. The TCCN Secretary shall maintain an attendance list for each of such meetings. All TCCN meetings are open.

Voting Membership

A TCCN Voting Member shall be any individual who: 1) is an Active Member; or 2) has contributed substantially to the TCCN activities. The Voting Member of the second category should be recommended by TCCN members and should be approved by the TCCN Chair.

Policies and Procedures

The complete policies and procedures of TCCN (downloaded here) provides more information regarding the discussions of members.

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