Meeting at IEEE Globecom 2017, Singapore

Date and Time: Wednesday, December 6 – 10:00 – 12:00
Venue: Marina Bay Sands
Room: 4813


  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Approval of the ICC 2017 (May 2017) TCCN meeting minutes
  5. Reports on Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    1. Overview of new SIGs by Jianwei Huang (Download)
    2. Cognitive Network Security SIG by K.P. (Suba),  Subbalakshmi, Stevens Institute of Technology (Download)
    3. Data-driven Cognitive Networks by Li-Chun Wang, National Chiao University (Download)
    4. New SIG: AI Embedded Cognitive Networks by Kai Yang, Tongji University (Download)
    5. New SIG: Social Behaviour Driven Cognitive Radio Networks by Li Wang, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications (Download)
    6. New SIG: Cognitive Communications and Networking in Cyber-Physical Systems by Xianghui Cao, Southeast University China (Download)
  6. Reports on standards activities
    1. IEEE 802.22 activities, COM/SDB,  and DySPAN-SC/1900 standards by Oliver Holland, King’s College London (DownloadDownloadDownload)
  7. Reports on conferences
    1. ICC 2018 Cognitive Radio and Wireless Networks Symposium by Kai Zeng, George Mason University, USA (Download)
  8. Reports on publications
    1. Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networks by Michele Zorzi, University of Padova (Download)
    2. TCCN Newsletter by Walid Saad, Virginia Tech (Download)
  9. TCCN Awards
    1. TCCN Recognition Award by Geoffrey Li, Georgia Institute of Technology (Download)
    2. TCCN Publication Award by Ekram Hossain, University of Manitoba (Download)
  10. Administrative matters
    1. Report on website by Vijay Rao, TUDelft (Download)
    2. LinkedIn and Facebook by Zhijin Qin, Imperial College London (Download)
  11. Next TCCN Meeting
  12. Any other business

Minutes of the Meeting

Download here