Meeting at IEEE Globecom 2011, Houston, USA

All are welcome to attend.

Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
Time: 12:30 – 14:00
Location: Hilton Americas Hotel
Room: Ballroom C/Level 4


  • Introduction: H Zhang
  • H. Zhang presented the member activity
  • Liang presented about the JSAC activity (the series on CR).
  • David Grace introduced WUN CogCOM.
  • H. Zhang presented Report on COST TERRA for TCCN (Download)
  • DySPAN SC update by O. Holland (Download)
  • Reports on Conferences: ICC-12, DySPAN-12, ICC-13, etc. Reports are prepared by Mouli.
  • Annamalai moved the resolution: TCCN should have a representation in the steering committee of IEEE DySpan. Passed unanimously.
  • Tim Brown: TCCN offers help in setting up a reviewing support.
  • TCCN Best Paper Award:
    • Identified that there are no set guidelines yet.
    • The questions need to answer:
      • Number of years to be considered.
      • There can be nomination and also should has a 10 line summary.
      • Awards committee should form a guideline.
      • TCCN general assembly requests the Best Paper award committee to expedite the process.

Summary of the meeting